Sunjoy Industries Gazebo Canopy Reviews

I ordered a replacement canopy for my gazebo that I bought from Walmart 3 years ago. Ordered it on a Friday & received it on the Wednesday. Not even a week for delivery. It came from the states to Canada! The canopy fits perfectly & no problems putting it on. I'm suppose to use 100 words, but My review states everything. Some people just have nothing but bad reviews to give. They only complain, never compliment. Thanks Sunjoy for the great...
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I liked
  • Promptr service
Bought this Item from Walmart two years ago.The canopy is a piece of ***. I ordered a new one from and they charged my Visa and have not sent the item. I was of the understanding that it was not to be charged until the item shipped. They took the payment right away and it's been four weeks and no word of sending or tracking # for the shipment. I have tried many times to contact them with no luck. They give a Canada # to call...
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I didn't like
  • I am frustrated that i cannot get in touch with this company
I just ordered a replacement canopy a week ago. No response, but the money came out of my credit card immediately. No response to e-mails, no response to phone calls, no response at all. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEIR SITE UNLESS YOU WANT TO KISS YOUR MONEY GOODBYE!!! I just lost my money. If anyone knows how to get a hold of this company please post on this site. I called the store where I purchased the canopy and asked if they could contact Sunjoy....
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