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WILL NOT BY ANOTHER PRODUCT. I initially LOVED the unit I bought.

I contacted Sunjoy via their toll-free number to see if they would be able to help me with a problem that exists with their design on the Octagonal model Hardtop (metal roof) Gazebo. I spent a large amount of money for this unit and had customized cement poured to match the shape of the unit. After a couple years, I observed brown streaks on the leg/uprights of the unit. After careful inspection, I could see that it was rusty water that was leaking from the "knuckles" of the two-piece legs.

So I look at the top side of the unit to realize that the roof section does not overhang the unit. The roof covering stops approximately 2 inches short of the edges. Where the eight joints that meet to create the Octogon, there is a metal cap that overlaps the legs and roof supports. Creating an area that allows the rain water to collect and run into the eight legs.

THIS IS A BAD DESIGN that appears to remain in use on current models. Now I am afraid the this 450+ pound Gazebo is possibly going to collapse. The real kicker is that I was informed that there is nothing they could do to help. There is a video on Youtube that shows a suggested "repair" for the issue but it would cost nearly the amount that I originally paid for the unit and does not fit the potential rusty interior of the hallow legs.

See video (copy and paste).

I am at a real loss with this unit. I am now looking the tear it down and scrap it for the safety of my family and those who visit and may sit in the area of it.

Review about: Sunjoy Industries Gazebo.

Reason of review: Bad design that c.

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