I see people complaining about their gazebo lasting only a year or 18 months and I don't get it. We put ours up last Sunday and two days later there was a mild thunderstorm and it did not just break it - it destroyed it! Two metal beams were snapped cleanly in half, the plastic corner connectors actually sheared.

I e-mailed their support line and the response was a very clear and obvious dismissal of me. Although the words they used were different, in essence they said "Yes, our product is shoddy but you bought it and we won't stand behind anything that did not come out of the box broken."

$120 for three days of use? I am not sure a product could be made more poorly and customer service be more dismissive and pathetic.

Run from any products this company makes as if your very life depended on it.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Toledo, Ohio, United States #678140

Uhh, actually it's NOT a tent. Had you seen one you'd realize it is intended to be semi-permanent. Were it a tent it would not take 2.5 hours to put up or take down.

**** people indeed. Who would be so *** as to comment on something they've never seen, touched or have any clue about? Oh yeah, these folks (above) would!

No matter how low you set your expectations, some folks still manage to disappoint you...

Mobile, Alabama, United States #670987

It's a TENT! Who the *** would be *** enough to leave that up in any thunderstorm? :x

to Anonymous Elkridge, Maryland, United States #671099

*** people.

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