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Impossible to contact customer service. Will never recommend to anyone. Add comment

I cant advise any stronger to stay away with anything to do with this "company". Ordered a replacememt 6 weeks ago, charged my account immediately and never received a confirmation email, tracking info, etc. After a month told by "customrr service" canopy is on back order. Still receiving noupdstes after 3 more weeks, been on the phone 2 separate times, after sitting on hold for 30 min a time, finally got a promise to refund my money and send a... Read more

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I ordered a replacement canopy for my gazebo that I bought from Walmart 3 years ago. Ordered it on a Friday & received it on the Wednesday. Not even a week for delivery. It came from the states to Canada! The canopy fits perfectly & no problems putting it on. I'm suppose to use 100 words, but My review states everything. Some people just have nothing but bad reviews to give. They only complain, never compliment. Thanks Sunjoy for the great... Read more

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We ordered a canopy replacement on April 23rd, and the money has been removed from my account. Over 3 weeks later, the product has not arrived. On their website it states that it will be shipped within 1-5 business days. I've tried calling the company several times to get an automated response. I've left the phone on speaker to wait for an agent, only for it to disconnect me, or place me into a voice mail. One time I was able to get... Read more

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We had ordered a replacement canopy for our gazebo. To make a long story short, when we had not received it, I called Sunjoy Industries. The tracking number for Fedex which they gave me was, according to Fedex, "not on record" at that time. I called Sunjoy and was able to speak with a representative who was cordial, friendly and who investigated the matter and kept me updated on the situation by phoning me several times. Eventually, as we needed... Read more

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ordered canopy and netting for gazebo thought i would get good service because of their relationship to sears i was wrong sunjoy is no good i will never do business with them again i urge others not to do business with them either you wont like the outcome. scam scam scam scam scam scam scam artist.scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam artist. scam scam scam. scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam... Read more

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The original canopy lasted 4 years, the installation was fairly easy. Good. During the last year, we fixed the rips with some sewing and duct tape. We purchased a replacement canopy at Canadian Tire last Fall, knowing they go fast in the Spring. Today, a gorgeous May 18, 2016, was spent in total frustration trying to force-stretch the canopy on the still solid structure. There is NO WAY it will fit, it is way too tight. Just trying to engage the... Read more

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About 3 and half years ago I have purchased Sunjoy Classic Scroll Gazebo in Walmart. Alas, canopy lasted only that long before started tearing apart. Spring came and I tried to find replacement, just to find that Walmart discontinued sale of this product, and others just do not have it. Finally, I found the manufacturer's web site with some info about gazebo and canopy, with phone numbers on it. - US customers: 1-866-578-6569 - Canada... Read more

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I ordered a replacement canopy from this company on April 17th, and was told when the item shipped I would get tracking information on the order on the website. So far no information has been added to my order. I sure wish I had googled sunjoy and found this site before making my order. I have emailed them several times, they answered me once saying the top was coming from China, something I did not know, I thought since Sunjoy is an American... Read more

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SUNJOY Industries - My 76 year old father worked hard on the day before mothers day 2016 to set up a brand new gazebo for the family to gather and celebrate my mom. Sadly, none of us realized he had not secured it.
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I contacted Sunjoy to see if we could purchase replacement parts to try and brighten his and mom's experience and get them out into the sunshine again. I was incredibly relieved to know that this could be done quite easily but that there would be a 2 to 2 and a half week wait. When I asked for the total, to my complete shock I was informed it would be at no cost to us. I fought back tears because good, kind people and companies are everywhere... Read more

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